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Word to PDF

Turn Microsoft Word documents into PDFs

How to convert Word documents to PDF?

  1. Import your Microsoft Word documents

    Drop the files that you want to turn into PDFs in the drop area. You can also use the file explorer.
    Once the Word documents are imported, you can now launch the conversion process.

  2. Launch the conversion process

    Once you are ready to go, you can start generating the PDFs from your Word documents, which will only take a few seconds, by clicking the "download" button.

Easy Word to PDF conversion

The easiest way to turn Word into PDF

In just a few clicks, your Word documents will be transformed into PDF and ready to be downloaded. Our tool is accessible and can be used by novices as well as experts.
Online Microsoft Word to PDF

No software installation

Rather than using complex software to install on your workstation, use an easy-to-use, online tool without creating an account!
Free Word to PDF online tool

Free Word to PDF conversion

Our tools are available for free and for everyone. You already pay for your Microsoft Office license!
Accurate Word to PDF

100% accurate rendering, in the blink of an eye

Where most conversion tools result in a rendering that does not match the original Word document, we use the best conversion to ensure you get the most faithful rendering possible.
Safe Microsoft Office to PDF conversion

Super safe conversion

Your documents are transmitted via HTTPS (encrypted) and processed on highly secure servers. In addition, they are deleted immediately after processing, and are not analyzed in any way.
Website to convert Word to PDF

For any device, anytime, anywhere

No matter your device, operating system, or location, you can generate PDF from Word on our web app.

Why can converting a Word document to PDF be useful?

Microsoft Word is a text editing software. It allows its users to create text documents with many options for fonts, colors, positions, etc. It is a reference software. However, it is necessary in some cases to convert these documents to PDF, for various reasons.

First, it is not recommended to share Word documents directly. Indeed, these documents can be modified by anyone who has access to them. It is therefore very easy to modify its content to falsify it or modify data entered there, or to plagiarize it by copying its content very easily. Thus, it is preferable to convert your Word documents to PDF before sharing them. In this way, you ensure that you share a document whose content your recipients will not be able to modify.

A second reason to convert your Word documents to PDF is to obtain a unique rendering, regardless of the device on which the document will be read or printed. The PDF format allows you to obtain a homogeneous, standardized rendering, to allow you to ensure that your recipients will consult the exact same document as you.